Veranstaltungsprogramm für Sommersemester 2010 online

Die Kommentierungen der Veranstaltungen für das Sommersemester sind online.

Kommentare 2

  1. Chelsi wrote:

    If I concumimated I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

    Verfasst am 20 Okt 2016 um 19:19
  2. wgv versicherung kfz wrote:

    Troggy, Please cite your examples of Fox pundits making a mistake on the same level as taking on a satire as legitimate reportage.Oh that's right, you can't. I'm not saying that you are stupid, but …Wait. Yes, I am. You are blindly, willfully stupid. The perfect Obama supporter.

    Verfasst am 03 Nov 2016 um 12:30


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